An Audio Profile About Kaytlin’s Academic Adversities

Kaytlin Hokanson takes her first steps at the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, Wyoming the day after her car accident and femur surgery. Photo courtesy of Kaytlin Hokanson
Kaytlin Hokanson of Kaycee, Wyoming. Bright eyed, fearless and determined to finish her academic career. Photo taken by Laurel Rigby.

The interviewing experience was very fun. Kaytlin is one of my good friends and because we had to redo the interview a few times, due to mistakes from both parties, there were a lot of laughs. I enjoyed getting to know more about Kaytlin’s accident and how she has overcome the aftermath that followed. This isn’t the first time I’ve audio recorded someone during an interview but it was the first time having a time restriction, which was definitely the toughest part. My audio editing experience was a struggle to say the least. I am very unfamiliar with the editing software and having to convert the files several times was a pain. I did enjoy getting to compare the first file to the edited one. I also really liked getting to use my creative imagination on what parts to include and what to cut out. However, the part I did not enjoy was trying to keep the audio file smooth as it would be in a conversation but I was not very successful with this. Taking a portrait with the audio file was rather easy, since that is what I am familiar with. I did face the challenge of using the photo to reveal their personality. I settled on the picture I chose because it was a candid smile, bare faced photo of Kaytlin which is what she is, a very natural, happy country girl. What surprised me about this assignment was how long the editing process took. Even with the warnings of being sure to plan for twice the length of the audio file for time editing, it took me way longer. My total editing time was upwards of 4 1/2 hours. I wish I would’ve asked for tips and help making the file smoother in the areas I had to cut out. I can see myself making and editing audio in my future career by using it as a marketing tool for promoting myself and my own brand or a company I work for. I could use it to describe how to use a new piece of equipment or product or even audio record important meetings and then post them to inform the public.


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