A Look Through Laurel’s Lens

This weekend was spent traveling, practicing and competing with the university’s livestock judging team. Some pictures were shot at a sale barn in Valentine, Nebraska and others were taken at a sheep feedlot in Ault, Colorado. I also forgot my camera (still frustrated at myself) so these are raw images taken on an IPhone.

“We Live in the Condesations of Our Mind”  
This photo was taken at the sale barn entrance. With the frigid temps on the outside and warm air from within, these dew-like drops were created, along with some frost. The primary creative concept in this image is focus. The center of the image is the only part that is within focus and that is where the eye is drawn to. There are however other elements to be seen, the focus creates depth and a viewpoint is established. I also feel that the shadows and the primary blue tones add a type of sad mood to the setting.
“Keeping A Watchful Eye”
While practicing our livestock sorting skills picking out classes near sunset, this Dorper sheep caught my eye, no pun intended. When the sun was still creeping over the panels the light caught his eye and it reminded me of a pool of honey. The concept behind this image is cropping. While the sheep’s entire face could’ve been in the frame, I chose to focus on the detail in his eye. I will add, it was quite challenging to get him to hold still in a pen of hundreds of sheep but we worked together to get this shot. Other creative elements that can be seen are the contrast created from the shadow as well as the detail and focus in the iris of his eye.
“A Weekend Trip to Mars”
The texture of this image reminds me of a drone shot on the surface of Mars, and while this is rather convincing, it is actually a photo of the sandy ground surrounding the sale barn in Nebraska. The primary creative device I focused on was texture. There is a great contrast with the rough texture of the snow and shadows they create against the soft feel of the sand. I think other interesting elements within the image are the lines and marks left from tumble weeds and the warm color created from the image being taken later in the afternoon.
“Scared of My Own Shadow”
The outside of the sale barn was surrounded by corrals and alleyways and just about everything you need to work livestock with, including old barrels just like this one. These barrels are great for storing feed in or serving as a table top for holding tools. The burnt orange, rusty color and weathered edges drew me in. I focused on capturing the element of contrast. The dark, shadowed lines contrast well against the sunlit areas of orange and white which adds an interesting element and. Other elements within this photo are leading lines from the shadow which kind of give direction to focal point, as well as cropping. I didn’t want the entire barrel captured because I wanted to focus on the detail of the paint and metal.
“Biting Off More Than He Can Chew”
While sorting sheep to create a class the livestock judges could evaluate this curious guy decided to taste a bit of his surroundings. This image focuses on the rule of creating depth. The sheep at the front of the image is in focus along with the twisted wire that he is chewing on. However, the rest of the image is blurred and out of focus which draws your eye to the main subject. The other creative elements that can be seen are focus and rule of thirds which add to the composition of the image as a whole. Although this is not the best composed picture as far as intense detail and the sheep’s chin being overexposed I think it actually adds to the creative, interesting component.

As a whole I really enjoyed this assignment. I always love taking pictures but often times I go in with the mindset of capturing something I find interesting instead of using creative devices. I found it challenging to have what creative element I want to use in mind, before ever taking a photograph. In the future I would like to keep this lesson at the forefront and remind myself how important these elements are and just how they add to the composition of an image. I would also like to use my camera for future assignments and I’m already looking forward to ones where we can edit.

My First Step Into Multimedia Production

I’m excited to dive into the world of multimedia production. This will be a step outside my comfort zone since my primary interaction has been with photography. After exploring previous students’ blogs I am really looking forward to becoming more comfortable with writing as a whole. This encompasses learning how to let my voice shine through my work as well as learning new ways to cover issues, events and people.

I would really love to interview notable people in the community. I currently volunteer at the Laramie High School as a livestock judging coach for the FFA chapter. This has played a huge role in making connections in this little town. Not being from Laramie, this has helped me meet countless influential people in the community and I want to continue to do so no matter what field or work they come from.

I’ve been involved in the livestock judging program at the university ever since I transferred in as a Junior. This program has given me an immense amount of opportunities. Not only by traveling all over the nation looking at livestock and meeting producers but also the chance to help coach the current and upcoming UW teams. There is a downfall to this though, spending so much time on the road has taken away from really getting to learn about all the organizations the University has to offer. Through this course I would like to learn more about all the events and organizations outside of the Animal Science Department.

I’m also quite the slacker on staying up to date on current news. Unless it pops up as a notification on my CNN news app or its not on Facebook, I am the worst about being active in the news outlet. But as bad as I am at being current on news I am even worse in the political world. I know, how unamerican right? I would really like to challenge myself in not only learning about politics but possibly even covering this personally tiptoed around ground.

Well that’s all for today folks. Thanks for sticking with me till the end.